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Getting Your Resume Through AI

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Getting Your Resume Through AI

Tired of sending resume after resume but not hearing a peep?

Or even worse perhaps, have you ever spent 45 minutes applying for a job, sighed with relief as you hit "send," only to hear a ding from your email with a rejection!?!?! How could someone reject you that fast?!?!

The secret is that it's not a human, but a machine giving you the "no." Artificial Intelligence, actually.

And it's not just you being thwarted by a robot. A 2021 Harvard Business School study (link to the study here) found that Applicant Tracking Software (or ATS) was creating a phenomenon called "hidden workers," people who were perfectly qualified for roles companies were looking to hire but couldn't be viewed by recruiters because AI was blocking them.

Once you know that your resume needs to appeal to both a human AND a robot, it's much easier because all it takes is implementing a handful of tactics.

In this short workshop, I review what ATS is, how it works, the 7 ways you can navigate it in your own resume, and how The Great Resignation affects some of my recommendations.

Let's get your resume passed the machine and to a person!

This product is included in the Work & Worth Membership. If you like several of the courses or templates, at $57/month, the membership is definitely more cost effective than buying one by one. Learn more here.

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